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  1. Attribute List


This listing, though comprehensive, represents the target fauna objects the Art Department will attempt to develop. All units listed below are available in the Scenario Editor and in RMS scripts.

Attribute List

  • AI Nature:
    • Violent: Will actively attack any unit it encounters, even if not threatened.
    • Aggressive: Will attack nearby units if it feels threatened (if they linger within LOS for too long).
    • Defensive: Will attack nearby units if attacked.
    • Passive: Will never attack units.
    • Skittish: Will never attack units. Will typically attempt to flee for short distances when units approach.
  • Hitpoints: The amount of life points that an animal has when it is attacked (if not stated, TBD).
  • Fattening: The animal's Food value increases at the specified rate while it is corralled.
  • Food: The amount of the Food resource that an animal provides when it has been killed (if not stated, TBD).
  • Yield: The quantity of Food delivered to the Food Resource Pool per minute when corralled and attended by a servicer.
  • Capture: The animal may be captured and corralled.
  • Special: Any special traits of the animal.

Animals are NOT replenished on the map during the course of a game session.

Units of this type are gaia-controlled; they are not initially controllable by any player unless through some civ specific characteristic.

All Fauna Objects are animated.

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