These animals can be herded and corraled to provide food from milking and husbandry (see Structure: Corral). They can also be killed for their Food in an emergency, but their greatest value lies in their yield.

  • Auroch Cow
  • Chicken
  • Goat
  • Sheep Colour variation: white or black.
  • Pig


These animals function similarly to AoE/AoK/AoM Relics. They can be captured and placed into a Corral (see Structure: Corral).

Once corralled, instead of generating food like domestic animals, they will reduce the resource cost of units that use this animal as a mount.

6 corralled breeding animals reduces the cost by 50%. 3 corralled breeding animals reduces the cost by 25%.

No other animals can be placed in the same Corral.

Breeding animals may be killed, but no Food can be gathered from the corpse.

This ability is not available by default. A civilisation must use one of its Civ Bonuses to earn the right to corral these kinds of animals, and is restricted to two animal types (specified in the Civ Profile) per Civ Bonus.

  • Horse Colour variation: black, white, palomino, bay, pinto.
  • Camel Dromedary. "Stench" Aura (as with Persian camels). Special movement rates (see Terrain Objects).
  • North African Forest Elephant Now largely extinct except for a smallish population recently identified in the Sahel north of the Congo region. "Damage Frenzy". "Stench" Aura. "Trample Damage" Aura.
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