• Availability: - The map category in which this object can be found. Resource objects are typically linked to specific terrain tilesets.
    • "All" indicates that the object is available on all official map types.
    • "None" indicates that the object doesn't feature in any official map types, and is only available from the Scenario Editor.
    • All objects listed here are available from the Scenario Editor.
    • For a full list and description of the map categories and map types, see Maps.
  • Available Alternate: - Specifies an alternate that may be scripted for certain tree types.
  • Map Zone: Map zones are related to elevation and landform upon the map.
    • Lowlands:
      • Flat plains along water littorals or extending into the interior such as the bottoms of river valleys.
    • Midlands:
      • Range from isolated hummocks rising up to relatively low “hills” either isolated or in ranges.
      • Include the lower portion skirting the rise on mountains.
      • Some map categories are limited in elevation to Lowlands and Midlands.
      • Midlands are usually accessible to unit movement except in an area of inclination exceeding 30 degrees (steep hillsides and cliffs).
      • Midlands don't include lower level river valleys or other valley bottoms extending into them, both of which are specified as being Lowland riparian for the purpose of scripting Flora Objects to the map.
    • Highlands:
      • Higher elevations of any kind that rise above Midlands: the highest mountainous points on any authorised map.
      • Highlands may be only partially accessible to unit movement depending upon the inclination of slopes and/or cliffs.
      • River valley or other valley bottoms extending into Highlands are specified as being Midlands riparian for the purpose of scripting Flora Objects to the map.
  • Signature Tree:
    • Signature trees are those trees that are particularly relevant to an environmental biome.
    • They are the bare minimum for a specific map category/type.
  • Intermix:
    • Can be mixed with other specified trees in this Map Zone, or placed alone.
    • Intermixes are shown below if there are important real world aspects of the biome recommending them.
    • However, intermixes are only preferable, not mandatory.
  • Variants: Examples of different types of flora in this category.
  • Wood:
    • The quantity of Wood resources that can be harvested from this Flora Object by units that can gather Wood.
    • The standard tree's resource amount is based upon twice that of trees in AoK; shrub trees and dead trees are half that quantity (equivalent to AoK trees).
  • Food:
    • The quantity of Food resources that can be harvested from this Flora Object by units that can gather Food.
    • No object in the game can supply more than one resource at a time. Therefore, no Flora Objects can provide Food in the official map types or scenarios, only Wood, if specified.
    • However, in the Scenario Editor, if a Flora Object has a Food value, it can be triggered to yield Food in this custom scenario, but won't be able to yield Wood (if that's normally possible for this Flora Object).
  • Foodtype: A description of the kind of fruit/seed that appears on this Flora Object when Food can be harvested from it.
  • Remarks: Descriptions of the Flora Object.
  • References: Pictorial references to aid artists in modelling and texturing these Flora Objects.
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