Tree Clusters

Trees are placed either as single trees, or clustered. A group of 4+ adjacent trees form a cluster. Example:

[ ][ ]
[ ][ ]


[ ][ ][ ]
[ ][ ]
[ ][ ]

Random shape

Tree Sizes and Rotation

Tree size and rotation will be randomly generated on the map.

Forest Ambushes

Trees and tree clusters are an obstacle to most units. However, certain units (see Unit Classes, RevealsUnitsinForests, CanWalkinForests) are able to navigate through forests, and therefore hide in them to scout and ambush opponents.

Valid enemy units that stand idle in forests are not outlined by the GUI as usual, and are therefore harder to spot; in this state, they are also not automatically attacked by player units. They are outlined as normal when performing any action in forests (such as moving or attacking).

To reveal enemy units hidden in a forest, the player must place one of his own units in the forest, and any hidden units (within its decreased LOS) will become visible to the player.

When calculating victory conditions (in a setting that requires all of a player's units to be destroyed in order for his game to be over) units hidden in trees are not considered.


  • Forest Floors:
    • Terrains associated with placed Flora Objects (trees).
    • Each Terrain: Forest Floor# is designed to visually present the types of ground litter “duff” that would typically appear beneath the boughs of a tree on the ground, if any.
    • Forest Floor terrain of the appropriate type will be applied to the terrain mesh coincidentally for every four trees in a cluster.
  • Default Season:
    • (Seasons not selected): Summer, except 'perpetual' winter on Polar maps when Seasons are not selected.
    • (Seasons selected): Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (snow or no-snow as specified).

!ForestFloor1: EvergreenPalmate

!ForestFloor2: EvergreenConifer

!ForestFloor3: EvergreenLeafed

!ForestFloor4: DeciduousConifer

!ForestFloor5: DeciduousLeafed

!ForestFloor6: DeadTree

  • Available Alternate: Dead trees may be randomly mixed into any appropriate Forest Floor Terrain as a specified percentage.
  • Tree39: TreeDeadSinglePalmTrunk
    • Remarks: No fronds.
    • References: -
  • Tree40: TreeDeadMultiplePalmTrunks
    • Remarks: No fronds.
    • References: -
  • Tree41: TreeDeadConifer
    • Remarks: No needles.
    • References: -
  • Tree42: TreeDeadLeafed
    • Variants:
      • !DeadLeafedTree1 (large spreading 1).
      • !DeadLeafedTree2 (large spreading 2).
      • !DeadLeafedTree3 (tall columnar).
      • !DeadLeafedTree4 (tall pyramidal).
      • !DeadLeafedTree5 (large spreading lightening-struck-split scorched).
      • !DeadLeafedTree6 (wind broken half trunk/branches fallen over to ground).
    • Remarks: No leaves.
    • References: -
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