For info on how to permanently change various game settings, see the file binaries\data\config\default.cfg (can be found in the folder where 0 A.D. is installed, which varies on different operating systems, or here : ). To change a setting, create a new local settings file. The path varies by your OS, see GameDataPaths. Open the new file in your text editor of choice, and copy any lines you want to change from default.cfg into the new local.cfg.

Graphics Settings

There are a few settings you can change via the in-game menu as well. You do that by clicking on Menu, then Settings, and there check/uncheck the Enable Water Reflections, and Enable Shadows checkboxes. This can be helpful if the game is slow.

Here are the main graphics settings you may be interested in changing:

  • Windowed: If you want to always start the game in windowed mode instead of fullscreen, then add windowed=true. You can also adjust the game window size by setting xres and yres to reasonable values (the minimum supported window size is 1024x768).
  • Fancy water: If you have an older graphics card, or just don't want all the fancy effects, you can disable them by adding the following line:
    waterugly = true
  • Shadows: You can disable shadows by adding shadows=false.
  • Particles: You can disable particles by adding particles=false.
  • Render path: If you have any problems with graphics due to an older graphics card, add the line renderpath=fixed to test the game without shaders. If this fixes the problems, please report it as a bug to us.

Advanced graphics (GLSL only)

If you are using the shader renderpath and have a graphics card/driver with good OpenGL 2.1 support, you can enable some experimental graphics effects by setting preferglsl=true. These include:

  • Distance fog. Applies a subtle fog effect on distant terrain and objects.
  • Smooth LOS. Smooths the movement of the "line of sight" (aka. "fog of war") around units. Enabled by setting smoothlos=true.
  • Advanced mapping effects on buildings (such as AO, parallax, normal and specular mapping). Depending on your hardware, you can set materialmgr.quality=10 to enable all the effects, 5 to enable only some of the effects, or 0 to turn them off.
  • Postprocessing. Enables additional effects, such as brightness/contrast control, depth-of-field, LDR bloom, etc. Set postproc=true.
  • Fancy water settings. Enables more realistic water effects like depth-based color, surface shadows, coastal foam and waves. See waterfancyeffects, waterrealdepth, waterrefraction, waterreflection, and shadowsonwater settings.

In-game Options Menu

IngameOptions Preview.

General Settings

1. Windowed Mode

Toggles on/off the windowed mode, note that you will have to restart the game in order to make it work. Another solution is pressing Alt+Enter .

2. Background Pause

When on if you put 0ad in the background (e.g. by pressing Alt+Tab the game will be paused.

3. Disable Welcome Screen

Displays the welcome screen at each game launch.

4. Detailed Tooltips

Displays detailed tooltips when hovering over interactive elements.

5. F.P.S. Overlay

Display a F.P.S.(Frames Per Second) counter on the left side of the screen.

6. Real Time Overlay

Display the clock matching your time zone on the left side of the screen.

7. Game Time Overlay

Display the elapsed time on the left side of the screen.

8. Game Time Overlay

Memorize the game settings you last played, this way you don't have to set every options every time you want to play.

Graphics Settings

9. Prefer GLSL

Tick this to use OPENGL 2.1 Shaders.

IMPORTANT NOTE : If you are using an Integrated Chipset such as Intel HD Graphics, this should be set to on in order to prevent screen corruption.

10. Enable Post Processing

Tick this to enable post-processing effects such as Bloom,HDR and depth of field.

11. Shadows

Tick this to enable in-game shadows. This option is resource heavy, so make sure you have a decent computer.

12. Particles

Enable particles effects such as fire or smoke.

13. Show Sky

Displays the sky.

14. Smoothlos

Smooth the uncovering of the FOW (Fog Of War) so that you don't see "jumps" in the researched territory.

15. Unit Silhouettes

Tick this if you want to see units hidden behind buildings.

16. Shadow Filtering

Improve shadows smoothness.

17. Fast and ugly water

Tick this option if you have a low-end video card. It will disable all advanced water effects.

Sound Settings

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to press ENTER after setting a value in the form in order to save the parameters.

24. Master Gain

Controls the volume in general. Max is 10.0 and min 0.0.

25. Music Gain

Controls the music volume. Max is 10.0 and min 0.0.

26. Ambient Gain

Controls the ambient Sound volume (ie : nature). Max is 10.0 and min 0.0.

27. Action Gain

Controls the Unit Sound volume (ie : units chopping trees). Max is 10.0 and min 0.0.

28. Action Gain

Controls the UI (User Interface) volume (ie : button sound.). Max is 10.0 and min 0.0.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts can be changed with the same process outlined above, just copy the relevant line from the default.cfg file to the local.cfg and change the part after the equal sign (=) and before the semicolon (;). For shortcut key combinations edit the keys between the quotation marks (""), and use a plus sign (+) to tie together more than one key (so don't remove it unless you change a multi-key shortcut to a single key shortcut).

Some keyboards (most notably AZERTY ones) have keys where the default character isn't present in the ASCII alphabet. For those keyboards, there are special configurations needed per keyboard layout and per OS. You can find your needed configurations below.

On Linux, you should have for French and Belgian layout:

  • é = World73 (or W73)
  • § = World7 (or W7)
  • è = World72 (or W72)
  • ç = World71 (or W71)
  • à = World64 (or W64)

On OSX, French layout:

  • é = World0 (or W0)
  • è = World3 (or W3)
  • ç = World2 (or W2)
  • à = World4 (or W4)

Theses special keys are not needed under Windows as the the game developer had to build a custom key manager.

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