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This page aims to keep track of all the Pyrogenesis mods. This can help improve their discovery and provide resources for other modders to pick from.

For Users

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How To Install Mods

If the file is a .pyromod type, you can simply double click it. If it asks you to associate it with a program choose pyrogenesis.exe.

If the file is a .zip type:

  1. Open the mod directory in your file explorer (replace JohnDoe with your username)
    • For Windows XP*: C:\Users\JohnDoe\Documents and Settings\My Games\0ad\mods
    • For Windows Vista*, 7, 8 and 10: C:\Users\JohnDoe\Documents\My Games\0ad\mods
    • For Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/mods
    • For Linux: ~/.local/share/0ad/mods
  2. Download the zip file, and place it in a new directory (the name is not important but shouldn't contain special characters). The file structure should look like 0ad/mods/japanese/ja-lang-0.0.23.zip
  3. On Windows, you may have to extract the mod.json file from the archive and place it next to the .zip file (0ad/mods/japanese/mod.json). If any of the following steps fails, please do that. 
  4. Ingame, go to Main Menu -> Settings -> Mod Selection. Select the mod you installed, click "Activate", you will see it added to the list at the bottom. Click "Save configuration" and launch the game. Please note that if the mod is incompatible with the current game version, you need to uncheck the filter compatible mods for it to show up. Obviously, the experience may not be great when using outdated mods.

* OS not supported if your game version is A25 or newer

For Modders

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Mod List

Grapejuice by Grapjas

Grapejuice Logo

Gameplay Graphics Balance Maps

The mod aims to bring interesting new mechanics to the player, and- to some extend- increase realism.

Some features of grapejuice:

  • Total rebalance of all units, per civ and even per rank.
  • Ranged units have ammo.
  • With the new ammo feature, theres a new re-arm aura at military buildings.
  • Units can charge the enemy for bonus damage.
  • Units enter a wounded state when their health is low.
  • Various units have secondary weapons.
  • Espionage tech has been reworked.
  • Promotion has been reworked.
  • Some techs have been reworked.
  • Priests have been reworked and they can make a building that's new, "Field Camp".
  • Some particle effects have been added and others have been reworked.
  • 2 New skirmish maps.
  • Player position randomnization for supported skirmish maps.

For a more detailed description and download links of the mod read further at: Mod.io GitHub Forum.

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Shiny by Ijs/maroder


Links: Mod.io Forum.

Just a mod with a different main menu. This is how it looks:

A screenshot of the new main menu.

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