An entity with this ability is able to generate supply (resources) by travelling on a patrol route between two specified structures. (Note: The quantity it can carry and the type of resource is specified by the entity's Traits.Supply attributes.)

When it completes a patrol journey, the collected resources are transferred to the player's appropriate Resource Pool.


                                <Food />
                                <Wood />
                                <Stone />
                                <Ore />

Example Description:

This Trader can establish a trade route between Markets, and generate 5 Supply per second while in trade mode. He can choose to generate any resource.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION ::The rate at which the entity's Traits.Supply.Curr is increased while on a trade route (x per second).

Not yet implemented.

The entity only begins to generate resources when it has docked with another trade structure and is returning home.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: The name of the entities used as the waypoints on the entity's trade route. See Traits.Id for the list of valid names.

Not yet implemented.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: A list of resource names, indicating which resources can be selected in the cycle.

Not yet implemented.

If an entity has this ability, the player is able to choose its current Traits.Supply.Type via a "Goods" GUI button which can be clicked to cycle through the resource names in this list.

The player can, for example, choose what resource a Trader accumulates while on a trade route.

Notes: Trading

  • Yield Calculation: The quantity of resources carried is determined by the travel time between the player's trade structure (Market or Dock) and the ally's trade structure.
  • Patrol Likeness: A trade route is basically a special patrol path that generates resources. The player specifies the point of arrival, and the trader will automatically return to the Market it was created at and repeat the cycle until it is obstructed, dies, given another command, or its trade waypoint is destroyed.
  • Trade Benefit: With each trader, you may specify the resource it generates. As with trading resources (see the Barter Action), some resources are more valuable than others, and will be generated more slowly.

NOTE: You can't walk the unit in circles or hold them idle to increase travel time. Resources are only generated while on a trade route.


  • DOMESTIC - Trade with another of your provinces - moderate yield.
  • INTERNATIONAL - Trade with an allied provice - greater yield.

Trading by Land

Simply select a trade unit and order it to a market that is not within the current province. It will continue to move between Market structures until given another command.

Trading by Sea

A Merchantman vessel must carry at least one Trader. Without Traders aboard, it will not have the ability to trade. The more Traders it carries, the greater the yield from trade.

Once garrisoned with Trader(s), simply command a Merchantman to the Dock you desire to trade and it will begin a trade route. It will continue to move between Docks until given another command.

Destroying Trade Units

Raiding undefended international or domestic trade units can be lucrative, since destroying a Trader (on land or water) will transfer any resource points he was carrying into the player's Resource Pool.

NOTE: They only begin to generate resources on their return trip.

Sending Tribute

A Market must be built before a player can send tribute to other players. Tribute is handled through a special GUI window, without the need for trade units.

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