Entity action that is controlled by the computer is required to have an Artificial Intelligence attached to it.


                                        <Aggress />
  				        <Defend />
  				        <Avoid />
  				        <Stand />
                                        <Hold />


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: Behaviour attached to this attribute used especially for gaia animals.

Not yet implemented. Attribute is in XML, but not used much yet.

This is the unit behaviours. Some types of units (animals, and support) are controlled by the computer in the absence of player control. These are the behaviours that those entities can possess. If the entity does not have a behaviour then it is assumed to be idle or without action - without the direct intervention of a human player.

  • Violent

Will actively attack any unit it encounters, even if not threatened. (for animals)

  • Aggressive

Will attack nearby units if it feels threatened (if they linger within LOS for too long). (for animals)

  • Defensive

Will attack nearby units if attacked. (for animals)

  • Passive

Will never attack units. (for animals)

  • Skittish

Will never attack units. Will typically attempt to flee for short distances when units approach. (for animals)

  • Bird

This behaviour is for birds that constantly fly around the map.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: Initial AI stance when first created, or current stance.

Not yet implemented. Attribute is in XML, but not used much yet.

This is the Unit Artificial Intelligence stance that is attached to the entity when it is first created by the player in the game. This may be changed however after creation by using the GUI. That information will then be stored in the instance database and updated whenever a player changes a unit's stance.

Here are the available stances:

  • Defend

The default status for all units. If enemy units come within LOS, the defending units will normally close with the enemy and attempt to defend themselves (or otherwise fire if they are stationary); after eliminating the threat, they will then return to their original position and task or continue on the path originally commanded.

  • Aggress

Unit(s) given the command to Attack/Fire while in Aggress stance will pursue that course of action relentlessly, hunting down enemy units even to the point of incurring their own demise (suicidal pursuit), unless the stance is subsequently changed to Defend.

  • Avoid

The unit(s) moving along a pre-selected course will attempt to avoid direct confrontation with enemy unit(s) that come within their LOS in attempting to achieve their objective point(s) on the map.

If a unit is unable to attack, they will flee to the nearest possible structure. They will continue to flee and then garrison inside the structure as long as an enemy is in their line of sight. If the enemy leaves, they will return to their commanded location.

This is the default stance when the Scout command is given; if scout(s) come under enemy fire they will attempt to circumnavigate that fire while at the same time completing their way pointed mission.

  • Stand

Units will hold their position on the terrain and not advance to contact with the enemy, but defend themselves if the enemy comes into LOS (ranged) or contact (hacker).

  • Hold

Units hold their position like Stand, but they will not attack under any circumstance. Even if they are attacked.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: Lists the stances available to this unit. (The player can use the GUI to select a different stance from this list.)

Not yet implemented. Attribute is in XML, but not used much yet.

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