Formations have an importance in the game for performing realistic and strategic tactics. Can you stick a female worker in a testudo formation or do the priests take the front position in the formation? I think not! That is why we need to specify what is allowed and in what position for each entity.




BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: The entity will occupy this position when in formation.

Each entity that can enter a formation is assigned a category. The entity's category defines what position it takes in the formation. These are the categories available:

  • protected - takes the safest position in the formation (usually in the back or middle).
  • melee - takes the position to shield the protected/ranged entities from attack. Usually melee type units.
  • ranged - takes the position that is most optimal for using a ranged weapon.
  • lead - takes the position of leadership. There is only one (if any) of these positions in each formation type.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: The name of the formation the entity is currently using, or its default when it is first spawned.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: List of formations that the entity is allowed to perform.

This defines what formations the entity may use. If this is not defined, then the unit may not enter a formation.

For more information abou these formations, see the Formations document.

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