Old definition kept for reference. For the new see: http://svn.wildfiregames.com/entity-docs/#component.Health

An object with this trait has a certain number of hitpoints that sustains him.




BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: The maximum base number of hitpoints the object can have.

Hitpoints are the 'life points' of an entity. When an entity's hit points reach zero, the instance of that entity is destroyed.

Note: A value of zero means that the entity is invulnerable (cannot lose hitpoints, cannot be destroyed).

The attribute Traits.Health.Curr is created when the entity is initialised, and stores the entity's current hitpoints (default is the same as Traits.Health.Max).


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: Indicates the offset from the entity's Traits.Footprint.Height at which the entity's hitpoint bar appears above his head (used for finer tweaking of the bar's position).

An entity without this property has no hitpoint bar.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: The object regenerates hitpoints at this rate until it reaches its Traits.Health.Max hitpoints.

Not yet implemented.

If an entity has this attribute, it will regenerate hitpoints untill it reaches the Traits.Health.Max value.

Most all of the humanoid and cavalry units in the game will regenerate their hitpoints over a specified period of time. This attribute controls that rate. Healing can be accelerated by Healer units and Temples.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: The entity loses hitpoints over time (as might happen with, say, an unattended Field or a summoned unit in an RPG).

Not yet implemented.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION :: The entity must have someone garrisoned in it in order to retain its hitpoints. (Fields, for example.)

Not yet implemented.

This value determines the number of unattended seconds that can elapse before its hitpoints begins to decay (see Traits.Health.Decay).

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