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Drop Visual Studio 2015 and use C++17

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See also VS13 ticket: #5379

To compile SM68 (#5860), we need Visual Studio 2017. SM60 is compatible with both VS15 and VS17, so it's a good idea to change then.

To compile SM78 (#5861), we need C++17, which is supported in VS17 (but other compilers might have varying support). C++17 also has minor code incompatibilities with C++11.

Note that I'm unsure if SM60 and SM68 can be compiled with c++17, which means this would be a two-stepper.


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comment:1 by Vladislav Belov, 4 years ago

We have compilers on other platforms too (that might not support C++17).

comment:2 by wraitii, 4 years ago

C++17 support is most likely good enough from Clang 5+, GCC 7+ and VS17+

We won't have much choice but to drop support for earlier versions.

comment:3 by Vladislav Belov, 4 years ago

It's possible to mix C++ standards (with some kind of work), but we need to decide what to drop.

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comment:4 by wraitii, 4 years ago

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comment:5 by wraitii, 4 years ago

In 24235:

Enable C++14

Spidermonkey 60 can only be compiled with C++14. This conflicts with building 0 A.D. with C++11, so upgrade to C++14 first.
This in itself should not drop compiler support on any platform.

Tested on Windows by: Stan
Tested on Linux by: Freagarach

Refs #5859
Refs #5862

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comment:6 by wraitii, 4 years ago

In 24240:

Prepare for VS2017 upgrade - workspace updates


  • Generates a VS solution for VS17
  • Explicits the boost toolset chosen, leveraging ABI compatibility to avoid recompiling the library (for now).
  • Likewise, reuses the Spidermonkey libraries. The SM60 upgrades does away with putting the toolset in the library name entirely.

Refs #5862

Differential Revision:

comment:7 by wraitii, 4 years ago

In 24286:

Drop support for compiling with Visual Studio 2015

Ahead of the SM68 migration, where we will need to use VS17, drop support for compiling with VS16.

Refs #5862

Differential Revision:

comment:8 by wraitii, 4 years ago

In 24301:

Remove binary_function usage.

std::binary_function was a pre-C++11 construct, that is removed entirely in c++17, and no longer necessary regardless.

Refs #5862

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comment:9 by wraitii, 4 years ago

In 24302:

Update random_shuffle usage for C++17

C++14 deprecates and C++17 removes functions we use for random sounds.
This makes FastRand() fit the URG interface, and uses the appropriate function.

Refs #5862

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comment:10 by wraitii, 4 years ago

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In 24308:

Use C++17 to compile 0 A.D.

Supported compilers are Clang 5, GCC 7, Visual Studio 17, Xcode 9.3

Update Atlas alongside since the replacement APIs are c++17 only.
De-activate the StyledTextCtrl module of WxWidgets on mac, since that is a wrapper around the Scintilla Text editor and doesn't compile with C++17 (as it uses auto_ptr). We don't use the editor, so this is also a win on the compilation time front.

Closes #5862

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