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Development started by Wildfire Games on 27/02/2021 (r24939).
Feature Freeze: 01/06/2021
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The following list presents all changes noticeable to the end user up to r25368, more important ones first.
Many small bugfixes, typo fixes and code cleanups are not mentioned here.
See also Port A24 to A25


r24979 Initial support for SP Campaigns


r24953 AnimalAI is fully merged into UnitAI, leading to improved animal behaviour (Phab:D2646).
r24973 Let domestic animals flee when attacked.
r25000 Entities now look closer to their position for resources (Phab:D3607).
r25020 Players can now push orders to the front of the queue (Phab:D3605).
r25213 Queueing technologies in multiple structures now distributes those according to queue length (Phab:D3798).
r25368 Entities will react to killed enemies immediately now, not wasting one repeat time (Phab:D2129).
r25381 Structures can now be toggled to autoproduce units (Phab:D3865).


r25058 Streamline ship stats
r25128 Remove entity limit for embassy
r25129 Buff ranged cavalry slightly / lower training time of cav slightly
r25130 Unify the resistance of foundations.
r25131 Change 'Archery Tradition' tech to an attack range increase.
r25133 Lower city phase structure requirement to 3 and remove towers from the eligible structures.
r25135 Remove the attack from wall turrets.
r25337 Increase archer spread slightly
r25337 Add a Hoplite Tradition technology to Athens/Sparta
r25341 Buff stone throwers


r25023 Hotkey are grouped more logically & translated
r25027 Hotkeys search case insensitive
r25037 Texts in tutorial and random maps are improved (Phab:D3493).
r25061 Range overlay for siege is now show (Phab:D3606).
r25116 Allow to disable specific or generic names (Phab:D2126).
r25287 Play a sound when there are no idle units and the shortcut is pressed (Phab:D1692).
r25345 Gatherers returning their resource are now also accounted for in the top panel (Phab:D3226).


r25182 "Unit Pushing" - crowd movements, shuttling gatherers now have much smoother movement.

Networking code

r25001 Reduce MP turns to 200ms, reduce command lag to 800ms.
r25156 Allow observers to lag without making the players lag
r25170 OOS is now per-client. If an OOS client leaves, a new OOS may be detected.

RL Interface

r24962 new endpoint to the RL interface for evaluating custom JavaScript that can be combined with the ability to create arbitrary modifiers.


r24971 Make forge smoke only visible when it is researching.
r25210 Enable actors to have different quality levels.
r25296 r25297 r25305 Add quality levels for some props
r25224 Allow empty actor files to hide props/objects depending on quality levels.
r25322 Fix garrison flag position for ptol and spart barracks.
r25319 Fix garrison flag on the athenian temple


r25047 Let PetraAI build advanced housing.


r25090 The components to be miraged are now stored in an array in cmpFogging, allowing modders to just modify the array for components they want to have miraged (Phab:D3713).
r25123 + r25240 Turrets -- a.k.a. visible garrison points -- are now internally totally seperated from garrison, meaning a stucture can have both independently (Phab:D3150 + Phab:D3773).
r25223 Allow arbitrary template composition
r25192 Allow to specify subunits on entities, e.g. chariots firing when moving (Phab:D1958).
r24960 Entities can now take up more than one slot in a GarrisonHolder (Phab:D2056).
r24963 Resources can now de-/regenerate their supply (Phab:D1718).
r24989 Treasures can now contain more than one resource (Phab:D3303).
r25191 Entities can now have upkeep, i.e. a negative resource trickle (Phab:D1323).
r25233 Allow melee attacks to deal splash damage (Phab:D2002).
r25299 The build time modifier of foundations can now be changed via its template (Phab:D3792).


r25274 Add stable to starting structures on Fortress random map (Phab:D3691).
r25327 Fix black water color in polynesia when using low quality water


r24972 Fix Iberian starting walls on Skirmish maps.
r25010 Fix map previews in MP lobby.
r24940 Don't change orientation when focusing an attacked location (due to clicking on the notification) (Phab:D3569).
r25040 Don't keep blinking the population counter when a previously blocked production queue is cleared (Phab:D1843).
r25075 Fix infinite loop in healing r25150 Fix semi-common lag spike in UnitMotion r25205 Fix initial animation sync. r25242 / r25264 Fix entities attacking allies in some rare cases (Phab:D3840; Phab:D3845).
r25265 Fix translation of damage types (Phab:D3850).

Engine work

r24969 Simplify definition of JS->C++ wrappers
r24980 Makes it possible to change LOS/FOW resolution
r24995 Enable support for powerpc64
r24998 Use pkgconfig to find libpng (fixes possible conflicts with multiple libpng installed
r25071 UnitMotion Manager -> prep work for Unit Pushing / more efficient.
r25210 Enable actors to have different quality levels.
r25223 Allow arbitrary template composition
r25306 Cache model-animation bounds, small speedup


r25056 Update to the linters.


r25334 Fix the disable shadows button in the actor viewer

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