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This is a collection of links to changelogs, revisions and tickets of the first part (500–1 BC) of 0 A.D., sorted by its releases. Work on the second part (AD 1–500) has not been started yet. The collection is divided by the phases of the classic software release life cycle.

The version number links to the respective release announcement with downloads, descriptions of major changes and an explanation of the codename. You can also click on the codename to find out more about its origin. The listed release date is the date of the official announcement. However, the actual release date can vary depending on OS (GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS) - see also the download archive. Changelogs list and describe selected changes out of all code revisions. For Alpha 19 and older releases there are no changelogs available. If you are interested completing the information, please contact us on IRC. The related trac tickets are listed as well. Note, however, that development is mostly discussed on phabricator and on IRC.

Further insights into the early project history can be found in this article.

Beta (0.x.x)

Version Codename Release Date Last Commit Changelog Revisions Tickets Highlights

Alpha (0.0.x)

Version Codename Release Date Last Commit Changelog Revisions Tickets Highlights
0.0.26 Zhuangzi 2022-09-24
+ 412
r27104 link link + 1244 link The Han Chinese, Minimap Icons, unit acceleration, two new maps, twenty six new tracks, improved art
0.0.25b Yaunā 2021-08-26
r25860 link
ranked match and mod installation fixes; enhanced visibility of fishes
0.0.25 Yaunā 2021-08-08
r25848 link + 176link
terrain textures improvements; pathfinder multithreading; custom production queue ordering; single player campaign support; resource re-/degeneration support; MP turn length 500ms→200ms
0.0.24 Xšayāršā 2021-02-20
r24937 link link
+7 maps; gameplay balance; building snapping; hotkey editor; new trees, animals and many art improvements; status effects; anti-aliasing; RL interface; SpiderMonkey 45→52→60→68→78; C++17
0.0.23b Ken Wood 2018-12-23
r21946 link link
GDPR compliance; lobby authentication; network stability, OOS and translations fixes
0.0.23 Ken Wood 2018-05-16
r21821 link link
+7 maps; Kushites added; mod downloader; new cavalry and Spartan building models; combine victory conditions; attack range visualization; diplomacy colors; unit information dialog
0.0.22 Venustas 2017-07-27
r19922 link link
+12 maps; +2 tracks; new/reworked models and animations; Capture the Relic; aura range visualization; AI diplomacy; summary charts; tutorial; spies tech; STUN lobby hosting
0.0.21 Ulysses 2016-11-08
r18915 link link
+13 maps; Regicide and Last Man Standing; team bonuses; Seleucid models; upgradable buildings; patrolling; improved GUI; >2GB RAM on Windows; SpiderMonkey 38
0.0.20 Timosthenes 2016-04-01
r17965 link link
+10 maps; new technologies and trees; loot carried resources; cinematic camera; improved MP, lobby, replays and game options; relative templates; credits
0.0.19 Syllepsis 2015-11-26
r17298 link
+3 skirmish maps; new pathfinder; capturing; visual replay; aura visualization; ceasefire; increased map height limit; XML validation
0.0.18 Rhododaktylos 2015-03-14
r16411 link
nomad maps; new Seleucid buildings; tech tree; AI saved games; improved performance and Atlas; new WFG server; SpiderMonkey 31; C++11
0.0.17 Quercus 2014-10-12
r15849 link
+2 maps; combat rebalance; triggers; basic naval AI; FOW hides changes; improved water rendering; mod selection; units on walls; lobby profiles; SDL2
0.0.16 Patañjali 2014-05-17
r15148 link
+1 track; localization; Petra AI; wonder victory; explored map setting; town bell; new art; MP ready button; SpiderMonkey 24
0.0.15 Osiris 2013-12-25
r14386 link
+3 tracks; 1st skirmish map; Ptolemies added, MP lobby, auras; back to work button; guard order; attack notification; new GUI; UPnP port forwarding
0.0.14 Naukratis 2013-09-05
r13796 link
blacksmiths, infinite farms, exponential armor; game speed; shared trade gain and garrisoning; hero button; terrain anchoring; improved Atlas and sound manager
0.0.13 Magadha 2013-04-03
r13332 link
+6 tracks; Mauryans added; AI difficulty levels; mod support; attack-move; rising buildings and scaffolding; improved building preview; JS debugger
0.0.12 Loucetios 2012-12-16
r12995 link
+5 maps; +1 track; diplomacy; heroes return; formation order queueing; unit training hotkeys; siege engine packing; slaughter attack; new match setup options; rubble; post-proc manager
0.0.11 Kronos 2012-09-07
r12636 link
+7 maps; +3 tracks; Celts→Britons/Gauls; AegisBot AI; shared and smooth LOS; team chat; cheats; advanced rendering (AO, normal, parallax); gates; new sound system; Atlas heightmap import
0.0.10 Jhelum 2012-05-16
r11863 link
+2 tracks; +9 maps; Hellenes→Athenians/Macedonians/Spartans; technologies; phases; click-and-drag walls; healing; specularity; new models
0.0.9 Ides of March 2012-03-15
r11339 link
>+12 maps; +4 tracks; Romans added; trading system; attack bonuses; new animations
0.0.8 Haxāmaniš 2011-12-23
r10803 link
+1 map; +3 tracks; Persians added; saved games; qBot AI; bartering; FOV 20°→45°; MP reconnect; rally points on resources
0.0.7 Geronium 2011-09-17
r10288 link
+5 maps; Carthaginians added; dynamic territories; new tracks, sound effects and menu design
0.0.6 Fortuna 2011-07-10
r9786 link
+4 maps; unit stances; new terrain textures, sound effects and units; more Atlas features with entity filter
0.0.5 Edetania 2011-05-20
r9530 link
+1 map; Iberians added, random map generator, JuBot AI; unit promotions, silhouettes and control groups; idle villager hotkey/button; new particle system and better lighting
0.0.4 Daedalus 2011-03-12
r9049 link
AI prototype; improved terrain rendering; improved fog-of-war and animal AI; build limits; new ships and sound effects
0.0.3 Cerberus 2010-12-11
r8832 link
+12 and round maps; Greek buildings; garrisoning; resource shuttling; desert plants; improved pathfinding and UI with summary screen
0.0.2 Bellerophon 2010-10-19
r8413 link
formations; FOW; victory conditions; health bars; pop limit; repair; hunting and fishing; savanna biome; new ingame GUI, Celtic buildings, units, maps and eyecandy
0.0.1 Argonaut 2010-08-16
r7970 link
+2 maps; animal AI; improved unit AI, UI and Atlas, in-game chat; floating objects; building collapse; corpse decay; rally points; order queues; Windows installer and Linux packages


The 0 A.D. pre-alpha versions are not playable and only meant for developers.

Version Codename Release Date Last Commit Changelog Revisions Tickets Highlights
pre3 2010-07-11
r7732 link
MP; improved GUI, pathfinding and shadows; ambient sounds; actor XML hotloading
pre2 2010-05-12
r7539 link
new pathfinding system; training queues; dynamic minimap; audio integration with gameplay
pre1 2010-04-02 r7419 link link
1st prebuilt Windows and Linux version


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