Proportions in the game, will not be true to the real world. Humans will take on the proportions of heroes. Animals will be formed with a slightly exaggerated eye. Structures in comparison to units will be roughly ¾ the size (though roughly 7/8 scale is given to windows and doors to aid in the transitional illusion of scale)

Scale is defined as thus: 2x2 meters in Blender = 1x1 square tile width in Pyrogenesis.

Structure footprint scale (in tiles) is as follows:

Footprint size Building Name(s)
2x2 Outpost, Defense Tower, Sentry Tower
3x2 Wall Short
3x3 House, Wall Tower
5x5 Farmstead, Storehouse, Corral, Blacksmith
6x2 Wall Medium
6x6 Barracks, Temple, Dock, Stables
7x7 Fortress, Shooting Range
8x8 Civic Center, Field, Market, Elephant Stables
9x2 Wall Long, Wall Gate

Note 1: Over the years, those scales have not always been respected so some buildings might not fit into this table. However one should take it into account when adding new buildings to the game.

Note 2: Special buildings don't have specific rules but their size should be kept reasonable.

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