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The different buttons and sliders etc you can find on the Environment tab are really best learned when playing with them, as they affect things as the lighting (for example the location of the “sun” of the 3D world) and how the water reacts to light etc. Below will follow a short list with the different buttons etc and a short explanation on what they do. (Please make sure you have fancywater set to true - see http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Manual_Settings#GraphicsSettings  if you want to see the effects of the below settings.)

  • Water height – changes how high the water level is, the further to the right the slider is, the higher the water
  • Water shininess – changes the "Fresnel coefficient" of the water. On the left, most of the water will reflect the sun. On the right, only a small strip will reflect the sun. Realistic value is about 60-70% to the right.
  • Water waviness – changes how wavy the water is, the further to the right the slider is, the more and bigger waves are. This has an incidence on foam and waves in high quality water rendering.
  • Water murkiness – changes how murky/clear the water is, the further to the right the slider is the murkier the water is, the further to the left the clearer the water is
  • Water colour – changes the color of the water. This is the color of the water without shaders, or the color of opaque water (for example, at 100% murkiness, this color determines the water color. At 50% it will only set the color of water at high depths.)
  • Water tint – changes the color of water when not completely opaque, ie on the shores when murkiness is not 100%. This can be used to properly simulate water changing color with depth.
  • Reflection tint – changes the color of the reflection tint
  • Reflection tint strength – changes how much the reflection tint color is applied instead of the reflected objects/terrain/sky, the further to the left the slider is the less tinted and vice versa
  • Sun rotation – changes the position of the sun around the world
  • Sun elevation – changes the height of the sun
  • Sun overbrightness – makes it possible to make the sun brighter than otherwise would have been possible. The further to the right the slider is, the brighter the sun
  • The shaded sphere is just a more visual way to interactively edit the Sun rotation and elevation
  • Skyset – is where you can change the look of the sky in the game. This is useful for getting a specific look to the water as the sky is the primary thing reflected by the water in the game (as in real life)
  • Sun color – changes the color of the sun (the light in the 3D world) which together with the terrain ambient is the way to control how much shadows there are + which colors shadows are
  • Terrain ambient – the ambient is the “background lighting” ie how light/dark those parts of the map which are not affected directly by the sun are, this button allows us to control the color of that lighting (and thus also how bright/dark they are depending on how light/dark the color we choose is).
  • Object ambient – same as the above, but for objects
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