Audio Voice List

Caution: The below is not up to date.

The Sound Design Document encompasses most of the parameters integral to creating a sound for use.

Latest Release - Version 1.9:


Parameters encompassed in the doc include:

Top Folder Name:

  • foldername


  • /foldername

Quantity received and approved (QRAP #): Amount of sounds approved and commited to SVN by the sound dept.

Required #: The number of sounds requested for a specific purpose

Description: General Description

Biome: Biome it can be used in

  • A=Alpine
  • TE=Temperate
  • S=Steppe
  • M=Mediteranean
  • V=Savannah
  • D=Dessert
  • SA=Semi-arrid
  • P=Polar
  • TR=Tropic

Season: Which season it can be used in

  • W=Winter
  • P=Spring
  • S=Summer
  • F=Fall

Time of Day: What times of day it can be used in

  • 000-2400 hrs


  • 0=very little sound
  • 1=single unit
  • 2=mulitple unit 4-9
  • 3=multiple unit 10-20
  • 4=multiple unit 21-X

S/M: Stereo/Mono

Duration: Hrs:Mins:Sec

Loop: Repeat after playing, Yes or No

Random: Randomize with same priority files in playlist

Gain: Volume

Pitch: Specifies wheather pitch shift is applied, Yes or No

P-Range: Specifies range of randomized pitch shifting

Entity: Entity/Actor name

Action: Event Name

Event Start: Start trigger

Event End: End trigger


Priority thus far has been defined as:

  • 100= emergency use only (undefined overhead)
  • 90= required (voiceover, you are under attack warning)
  • 80= rather important (battle sounds, death, destruction)
  • 70= rather important (building)
  • 60= not so important (resources)
  • 50= fluff (ambient - birds, etc.)

Group1: class name at the audio_group.xml level

Also Play: files that should play with/ during

File Name: Name of file in accordance to the naming standard (See below)

Location: Exact location of file within SVN

Assigned to: Person Assigned to

Assign Date: Date Assigned

Milestone: Date action requestd by

Status: Current Status of request

Complete Date: Date Completed

Date Commited : Date Commited to SVN repository

Naming your files: Naming standard is defined as:

Shortname (If long use Underscores) + (Underscore) + (Intensity #) + (Sound File # if multiple)

File Name Example: amb_farm_01a.ogg or hstep_dirt_11.ogg

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