This guide provides some ground rules to write user-facing texts for 0 A.D.


Use title case for:

  • Button captions
  • Entity names (including generic names of phases, structures or units)
  • Key names
  • Proper names

Never use full capitalization.

For example:

Good Bad
Click the Citizen Soldier iconClick the CITIZEN SOLDIER icon
Hold Shift and click Hold shift and click

Cursor vs Mouse

Mind the difference between the cursor (virtual) and the mouse (physical).

English Orthography

Use US English spelling.

For example:

analyze analyse
armor armour
defense defence
gray grey
plow plough

Dynastic factions

singular: plural: adjective:
founder of dynastymembers of dynastybelonging to dynasty
Achaemenes Achaemenids Achaemenid
Maurya Mauryas Mauryan
Ptolemy Ptolemies Ptolemaic
Seleucus Seleucids Seleucid


In texts that the user needs to understands, such as menu entries, help tooltips, and similar, you must be consistent with the vocabulary that you use.

An object should always be referred to using the same word everywhere in the game, and an action should always be referred to using the same verb.

For example, if there is a unit type called ‘female citizen’, always refer to it as such, do not also use alternative forms such as ‘females’, ‘women’, and so on. Even in the same paragraph or sentence, you should use the same term.

For specific words that you should use or avoid in 0 A.D. gameplay texts, see the tables below:


Good Bad
Build (structures)
Collect (treasures)
Construct (ships, siege weapons)Build, produce, train
Gather (resources) Collect, get
Research (technologies)
Train (human units) Build, construct, recruit, produce


Icon Portrait


HealthHitpoints, HP


Good Bad
Blacksmith Armoury
Civic CenterCivic Centre, Civil Center, Civil Centre
Farmstead Granary, Mill
Storehouse Drop Site, Mining Camp, Storage Pit


Good Bad
Cavalry Citizen Soldier
Citizen (cavalry or infantry, female or male)Worker
Citizen Soldier (cavalry or infantry)
Female Citizen Female, Female Worker, Woman
Infantry Citizen Soldier


We have a somewhat complete Unicode support, do not limit yourself to ASCII and learn how to use Unicode input in your system.

For example:


However, Atlas does not support Unicode, so English strings of map files (e.g. anything under binaries/data/mods/public/maps/) should not contain Unicode characters for the time being. But you should avoid using combinations of ASCII characters to try and reproduce Unicode characters as well. Be creative, try to rephrase the content in question so that Unicode characters are not necessary.

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