Exporting Errors

Sometimes when the artist in working on a model and gets it done, he might face some issues when trying to get the models he did into Pyrogenesis (see 0 A.D. Basic Model Importing Guide). This page is dedicated to document and help you to identify the errors and their known solutions.


Each model must comply with a set of pre-determined requirements by the engine. If the model doesn't fulfil all of the requirements, the engine will pop up an error identifying where it failed. Example:

error: art/meshes/structural/classical_towncenter.dae: Assertion not satisfied (line 569): failed requirement "mesh has single set of polygons"

Known requirements errors and their solution

"mesh has single set of polygons"

This error may appear if the model has non-connected vertices or edges.

Fix: In Blender, to discard this possibility, enter face selection mode, select all with "A" and hide all the selected faces with "H". Then change the selection mode to vertex, and hit "A" to see if there's any "lost" vertex or edges and delete them. After that, unhide everything (with "Alt+H") and re-export the model.
You may also try to use Select->Loose Geometry in vertex, edge or face mode.

If your mesh has two or more separate materials, (this is usually caused by joining different meshes together) that errors pops out. To fix that, either delete all the materials, or just keep one.

"Found too many possible objects to convert"

This error is caused by several objects in the same .dae file. The engine can only read one object at the time per Collada file - excluding prop_points and armatures.

Fix: When exporting, you should use the "Export Selected" option in the Collada exporting menu - this option is present in both Blender and 3ds Max.

Make sure to only have 1 object selected - no cameras, lights, other objects, etc - an re-export the model.

"Mesh is made of triangles"

This error actually means that the object you tried to export is not made only of triangles. This can mean that you used quads, in which case you must triangulate your mesh, or that there are some "loose" edges or vertices that are not part of a triangle.

Fix: Make sure your object only has triangles, no loose vertices or edges. Triangulate or remove those vertices/edges. If you're using Blender, select a vertice on your mesh, then choose "select connected", then invert the selection and remove unneeded edges/vertices.

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