3.9. Tropic



  • Characterized by jungle with lots of forests and and usually open clearings/passage ways.
  • Has an abundance of animal life on it, including dangerous ones.
  • Abundantly endowed with wood, but except in one case, Paradise Lost, it is always a surprise as to how well endowed the tropic map will be with either stone or ore.
  • Except for rain forest types that are always wet or have rainfall at any season, is characterised weather-wise as having only 2 seasons in the year, "summer" as the dry one and "winter" as the rainy one, divided equally.

Typical Tropic type variations:

  • Fortress Paradise Lost
  • Nomadic
  • Herocide

Packeting Parameters:

Elevation Meshes

  • Primary (Lowlands).
  • Secondary (Midlands).
  • Tertiary (Highlands).
  • Quaternary (Ocean Floor).

Terrain Textures

  • DIRT1
  • DIRT3
  • GRASS9
  • SAND2
  • ROAD1
  • ROAD2
  • WATER1
  • WATER2
  • WATER3
  • RIVER2
  • RIVER3
  • RIVER4
  • RIVER5
  • RIVER7

Flora Tree Objects

  • TREE3
  • TREE13
  • TREE15
  • TREE19
  • TREE24
  • TREE39
  • TREE42

Flora Plant Objects

  • PLANT1
  • PLANT4
  • PLANT5
  • PLANT11
  • PLANT15
  • PLANT16
  • PLANT17
  • PLANT18
  • PLANT20
  • PLANT21

Fauna Objects

  • ANIMAL11
  • ANIMAL14
  • ANIMAL15
  • ANIMAL16
  • ANIMAL26
  • ANIMAL32
  • ANIMAL33
  • ANIMAL35
  • ANIMAL36
  • ANIMAL40
  • ANIMAL41
  • ANIMAL42
  • ANIMAL43

Geological Objects


Tropic Land types:

3.9.1. Cameroon

  • Characterized by the deepest, densest, darkest 'rain forest' jungle terrain.
  • Foot units cannot move through forest on this map.
  • Raining miserably most of the time with few periods of bright sunshine, the ground is a saturated sponge that slows movement.
  • A dense jungle 'knock-off' of Black Forest in AoK otherwise having much the same characteristics.

3.9.2. Paradise Lost

  • Represents the legendary Lost Mines of Solomon region of the Great Rift Valley of East Africa.
  • Characterised by occasional high mountains.
  • Includes volcanoes and cliff escarpments.
  • Includes waterfalls, rivers, lakes that are usually connected by the rivers.
  • Open areas of meadow prolifically populated by animals for food along with some that are dangerous.
  • Dense and highly floriferous forests.
  • Perpetual springtime or summer with frequent but not overwhelming rains during winter (that lasts half the year).
  • Well endowed with all resources wood, stone and ore.
  • This map is the highest resourced and most eye-candied map in the regular game.

Tropic Water types:

3.9.3. Congo River

  • Characterised by a large broad river running through the basically flatland map, with navigable tributaries running off it to either side.
  • Dense jungle terrains and clearings to either side of the rivers.
  • This map must be played as a watermap as there are no passages between clearings and settlement areas which are accessible only via waterways.
  • There are no shallows, rapids, or waterfalls on the broad Congo River or its relatively large tributaries to bar watercraft passage.
  • It can rain pretty frequently year-round on this map but not to the extent of that seen on Cameroon; it is always 'green'.
  • Crocodiles can occasionally be a hazard to hominid units on this map immediately adjacent to and along watercourse banks.
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