How to port your A25 mod to A26

This lists (most) of the template-changing commits, and how to fix them. And also some other breaking changes.

Other notes

A lot of textures and icons have been moved around to follow ArtFileNamingConventions, so if your mod relies on those you will have some fixing to do.


The bases of PetraAI were previously iterated in HQ, now that is done in a separate manager (Phab:D4192).


There was another refactoring in the ProductionQueue. Researching itself is now done in cmpResearcher and training in cmpTrainer. (Phab:D4333) Modders can change their templates with the script at Phab:P256. Do note that one might still have to do some manual work.


All AO textures were normalized and adjusting multipliers were removed toward PBR. To normalize AO textures use the Phab:P259 script.


ElevationBonus and Delay in the Attack templates are renamed to Origin and EffectDelay, respectively (Phab:D2016). The origin now consists of an X, Y and Z component.


The formations possible for units are now stored in cmpUnitAI instead of cmpIdentity. Modders can change their templates with the script provided at Phab:P261.


The following textures have been deleted. Use Phab:P268 to replace them by alternatives.

  • alpine_grass_a_fancy.xml
  • alpine_grass_b_fancy.xml
  • alpine_grass_c_fancy.xml
  • alpine_grass_d_fancy.xml
  • alpine_grass_fancy.xml


Terrain textures no longer have a movementclass attribute.


The (Generic)Name, History and Emblem/Icon of civs are moved from their respective JSON to their respective XML in templates/special/players (mind the extra s).


The formations possible for a civilisation are moved from their respective JSON to their respective XML in templates/special/players.


The icons/emblems of a civ use now the same relative path as the icons of other entities (session/portraits/).


In the maps, the chicken variable is replaced by startingAnimal.


The icons in the templates (Identity) are not optional anymore.


The name and icon of formations are moved from cmpFormation to cmpIdentity. Modders can use the script provided at Phab:P264 to fix their templates. Do note template_formation needs manual correction.


The conquest_civic[_]centres victory condition is renamed to conquest_civic_centers. Map makers need to change the file by hand.

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