For the most up-to-date information, check the Civilisation Overview and Structure Tree in the game.

Part of the 0 A.D. Gameplay Manual

List of the buildings in the game

This document will list all buildings in the game, and give you some basic information about each. For now it will not contain any statistics (hitpoints, cost, etc) as that information is likely to change over the course of the development and would quickly be outdated.

Buildings for all Civilizations

Most buildings are shared between the civilizations, they look different from civilization to civilization, but should be similar enough for you to tell which is which. In the images both the Celtic version of the building and the Hellenic (Greek) version is displayed, the Celtic version to the left, and the Hellenic version to the right. There are some buildings which are unique to specific civilizations though, see more Special Buildings.

Civic Centre



Celtic community center

Hellenistic civic center

The main hub of your civilization. Typically the first building you have. Provides housing for a moderate amount of people, and you can create a selection of Citizen Soldiers as well as Female Citizens here. You can garrison a moderate amount of people for their protection and to heal them here as well. Garrisoned soldiers increase the rate of fire of this building. Resource dropsite for all resources.


Gaul_house 2

Athen house 2

Celtic house

Hellenistic house

Provides housing. Adds 5 or 10 to the maximum population, depending on the civilization.


Gaul farmstead

Athen farmstead

Celtic farmstead

Hellenistic farmstead

Resource dropsite for food. Research farming improvements.


Gaul field

Athen field

Celtic field

Hellenistic field

Buildable food source, slower than other food sources (like animals and berries), but more reliable and useful later in the game when you've gathered all food from animals and fruits. Build near Farmsteads or Civic Centres to get food quicker (as the citizens won't have to walk as far when dropping off the food).


Gaul corral

Athen corral

Celtic corral

Hellenistic corral

Raise/train sheep here for an additional meat supply. Currently raising an animal delivers a return of double the invested food (and you might as well harvest it straight away?). Research improvements on meat gathering speed.

Defense Tower

Gaul defense tower

Athen defense tower

Celtic defense tower Verteidigungsturm

Hellenistic defense tower

Large LOS (Line of Sight) to help you discover enemy attacks. Can attack enemy units within range (even without troops inside, but with a slow rate of fire). Garrison units inside for a quicker rate of fire, as well as for their protection and healing. Research improvements to tower attack.


Gaul wall medium

Athen wall medium

Celtic wall

Hellenistic wall

Build walls to prevent enemy access to your city.

Wall Tower

Gaul wall tower

Athen wall tower

Celtic wall tower

Hellenistic wall tower

Attacks enemies within range. You can garrison units within for a quicker rate of fire, as well as for their protection and healing.

Wall Gate

Gaul wall gate

Athen wall gate

Celtic wall gate

Hellenistic wall gate

Normally passable by allies, but enemies can also come through while allied units are keeping the gate open. Can be locked to prevent all passage.


Gaul Dock

Athen dock

Celtic dock

Hellenistic dock

Trains ships. Resource dropsite for food. Research ship armor improvements.


Gaul market

Athen market

Celtic market

Hellenistic market

Trains trader. Research trader armour improvements.


Gaul barracks

Athen barracks

Celtic barracks

Hellenistic barracks

Trains all available Citizen Soldiers. You can also garrison units inside for their protection and healing. Research military improvements for infantry and cavalry.


Gaul temple

Athen temple

Celtic temple

Hellenistic Temple

Trains healer. Garrison units are healed faster than in other buildings. Research healing improvements for healers and units garrison inside temples.


Gaul fortress

Athen fortress

Celtic fortress

Hellenistic fortress

Trains siege weapons, champions and heroes (with a few exceptions, see below). Fires at nearby enemies, garrison units within for a quicker rate of fire, as well as for their protection and healing. Research improvements to siege equipment and sometimes improvements to soldiers.

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