0 A.D. Gameplay Manual

Welcome to the 0 A.D. Gameplay Manual. Like the game it is a work in progress, so while we try to keep it updated and full of information, there might be missing pieces. As time goes by it should become the main source of information about playing the game.

Playing a game

Setting up a game

  • An overview of the setup screens, and some info on what's required to get a game working

Basic Gameplay

  • Basic info to get you started for those who are new

Other features

  • Other gameplay features which are not covered by the 'Basic Gameplay' guide

Quickstart Guide

  • Guide for those familiar with other RTS games and just need an introduction to 0 A.D.

Special topics

Overview of the main menu

  • An Overview of the Main Menu and its buttons

GUI Overview

  • An GUI Overview of the in-game GUI (what all the buttons, icons, and mini-map visuals mean and do)


  • A list of all Buildings in the game and a quick description of what they do


  • A list of all the main Units in the game (i.e. not scenario editor-only units or other special cases)


  • A list of the various default HotKeys available within the game.


  • A List of words, both specific to 0 A.D. and common to RTS games etc. If you find a word in one of the other pages that you don't understand, it will probably be explained here.



  • A list of available Cheats and their description
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