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Development started by Wildfire Games on 04/10/2022 (r27104).
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The following list presents all changes noticeable to the end user up to r27528. Many small bugfixes, typo fixes and code cleanups are not mentioned here.
See also Port A26 to A27


r27142 Only entities capable of capturing contribute to the regen-rate of structures (Phab:D4679).
r27244 Garrison Domestic Animals into the Corral to get a ResourceTrickle of Food (Phab:D4380).
r27391 Add area damage to elephants (Phab:D4173).
r27399 Change default action from capture to attack (Phab:D4697).
r27400 Add Roman Centurions (Phab:D4872).
r27406 Han fixes (Phab:D4873):

  • Adjust the cost of poison arrows and poison blades.
  • Reduce the obstruction area of rice paddies so that they are easier to place.

r27455 Allow to garrison the Han minister in the corral.
r27455 Use different default hotkey ("C") for capturing (Phab:D4908).
r27527 Double wall turret placements for stone walls (Phab:D4914).
r27586 Allow ships to turn while in motion for more natural movement.
r27775 Differentiate Sparta (Phab:D4736):

  • Syssition and Champions available in phase 1.
  • Champions may promote to "Olympic Champions".
  • Unique technologies for champion hoplites, melee units, and skirmishers.
  • Unlock for Neodamodes spearmen, a cheap spearman that cannot gather.

r27779 Differentiate Athens (Phab:D3727):

  • Adds Hippocrates as a unique phase 2 hero.
  • Elite Hoplites can promote to champion spearmen.
  • 3 Unique technologies
  • Use a range aura of 2 armor for Iphicrates.

r27794 Fix Liu Bang's Cavalry Aura (Phab:D5080).
r27827 Give Agis a metal discount aura, increase health.
r27828 Differentiate Macedonians (Phab:D5096):

  • Move Siege workshop to town phase.
  • Access Bolt Shooters in town phase.

r27829 Train women from houses without researching fertility festival (Phab:5112).
r27831 Add a small splash attack to catapults (Phab:D5053).
r27834 Differentiate Chariots: Costlier, faster, more health, but slow acceleration (Phab:D5119).
r27836 Briton/Gaul druid aura: "Deas Celtica" (Phab:D5116).
r27852 Carthage apartments accessed in village phase, houses can upgrade to apartments (Phab:5117).
r27858 Return Carthage Sacred Band cavalry to the temple (Phab:D5126).
r27864 Add a "Cataphract" mixin: +1 armor of all types, but +10% metal cost and -5% speed (Phab:5141).
r27865 Reduce bolt and catapult prepare time to reduce clunkiness (Phab:D5131).
r27871 Add a longsword mixin that adds a splash attack (Phab:D5145) r27890 Add Dog Kennel special building for britons (Phab:D5153).
r27898 Add a "Hero" temple for the Ptolemies (Phab:D5169).
r27900 Add the Marian Reforms unique technology (Phab:D5109):

  • Unlock training Centurions, Onagers, Legionary Swordsmen and Legionary Skirmishers.
  • Lose access to Extraordinarii infantry, spear cavalry.
  • Allied cavalry are re-skinned to Auxiliary cavalry.

r27901 Add the Onager to complete reforms technology (Phab:D5114).
r27902 Let marines train from the gymnaium, use iphicratean reforms to unlock "dock" variants of marines and archers (Phab:D5168).
r27910 Enlarge chickens so they can't hide in grasses (Phab:D5177).
r27915 "Nile Delta" bonus for Ptolemies, all farming techs available in village phase.
r27922 Garrison rams for added speed and acceleration (Phab:D5179).
r27934 Add "Roman Roads" unique technology for the romans: +5% speed for land units (Phab:5183).
r27951 Increase Ptolemaic bolt shooter fire rate (Phab:D5170).
r27954 Add "Satrapy Tribute" to persian throne hall, allowing the player's choice of trickle (Phab:D5192).
r27956 Add "Woad Warriors" civ bonus for britons, faster infantry (Phab:D5190).
r27958 New tech for the Mauryans called "Ahimsa": +100% berry gather rate, but -80% fish and meat gather rate (Phab:D5175).
r27963 New temple technology "Sacrificial Ritual": Healers train 40% faster, and the metal cost is removed (Phab:D5188).
r27978 Remove territory decay from Roman Army Camp and Siege Walls (Phab:D5215).
r27990 Move Persian Immortals to the barracks, make them cheaper and weaker (Phab:D5202).
r27996 Naval Overhaul (Phab:D5213):

  • Ships do not use BuildingAI.
  • Ships are split into unit roles: scout ship, arrow ship, ram ship, fire ship, and siege ship.


r27635 Fix incorrect fruit bush in Gulf of Bothnia frozen.
r27899 Add a new 2 player skirmish map "Isthmus of Corinth" (Phab:D5164).
r27903 Update "Watering Holes" 4 player skirmish map.
r27909 Fix very steep shores in Elephantine (Phab:D5132).
r27992 Add water level support to Flood (Phab:D5139).


r27141 Implement simple emergency detection (Phab:D4645).


r27245 Use Requirements helper for requirements (Phab:D4514). Allows:

  • Having multiple requirements.
  • Having entity requirements.
  • Negating tech requirements.

r27883 Remove Engine.IsGameStarted (Phab:D5143).


Include community balance mod:

  • r27392 Move tier 2 blacksmith technologies to Town Phase.
  • r27393 Rebalance healers by making them cheaper.
  • r27394 Pericles and Themistocles improvements.
  • r27395 Axe cav minor buff.
  • r27397 Rebalance some civ and team bonus.

r27407 Han: Reduce pop cost of ministers (Phab:D4874).
r27410 [Community Mod] Includes (Phab:D4877):

  • CC/colony cost changes
  • Roman camp in p2
  • Spearcav acceleration increase
  • Alexander hero auras
  • Seleucid civ bonus

r27584 Reduce Batch modifier of Upgraded Han CC.
r27585 Reduce Catapult and Siege Ship range.
r27668 Rebalance Elephant Splash damage (Phab:D5008).
r27848 Reduce Loom Cost 200food -> 100food (Phab:D5118).



Changes related to Vulkan particularly:

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