0 A.D. Alpha 24: Xšayāršā

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Development started by Wildfire Games on December 26th 2018 (r21947).
Feature Freeze: 21/01/2021
String Freeze: 24/01/2021
Translation Freeze: 13/02/2021
Commit Freeze: /
Release: 21/02/2021 (r24937)

Release Announcement: https://play0ad.com/new-release-0-a-d-alpha-24-xsayarsa/
Tickets: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/query?status=closed&group=resolution&milestone=Alpha+24

An overview of all tickets handled is found at the respective milestone on trac.
To download and install the developmental release of 0 A.D., have a look at the build instructions.

The following list presents all changes noticeable to the end user up to r22495, more important ones first.
Many small bugfixes, typo fixes and code cleanups are not mentioned here.

3D Art


r22105 Gaul Theatron for scenario mapsForum topic
r22245 Scaffolding for Defense Towers
r22272 Celtic barracks uses new dummy, barrel and shields (r22273, r22274)
r22290 New Briton Blacksmith
r22309 Gaul walls geometry fix Forum topic

Clothing and shields

r22263 Celtic and Briton shieldsForum topic
r21991 Celtic unit clothing Forum topic
r21995 Celtic elite unit clothing Forum topic
r21993 Hellenistic military settlers textures (available to Ptolemians and Seleucids) Forum topic
r21997 Ptolemaic champion unit textures Forum topic
r22176 Greek Psiloi (Elite) and Athenian Epilektoi textures Forum topic
r22177 Celtic Infantry Citizen (Topless with pants), Linothorax for Spartan Skiritai Forum topic
r22186 Iberian Units texture Forum topic
r22221 Elite Greek Hoplite (Bronze cuirass, Scale and Lamellar) Forum topic
r22223 Celtic Druid cloths Forum topic
r22246 New Persian Citizen-Soldier Forum topic
r22317 Macedonian Citizen Soldier and Hero textures Forum topic Infantry Pikeman Forum topic Infantry Skirmisher Forum topic Cavalry Spearman Forum topic Alexander the Great Forum topic Philip of Macedon


r21970 Helmets and Battersea shield for Gauls and BritonsForum topic
r21984 Helmets for Sparta and AtheniansForum topic
r22078 Celtic helmetsForum topic
r22082 Roman helmetsForum topic
r22062 Phrygian helmet for Seleucid and Macedonian InfantryForum topic
r22235 New Iberian Infantry and Cavalry helmets Forum topic
r22222 Illyrian helmet (Bronze and Gold variants)

Mechanical units

r22095 New ship textures and geometryForum topic

New Bireme and Trireme for Athenians, Carthaginians, Kushites, Macedonians, Persians, Romans and Spartans
New Quinquereme geometry for Carthaginians and Romans


r22081 Rome Testudo & Anti-Cavalry formations animations


r22098 Footpaths, papyrus Forum topic footpaths Forum topic papyrus
r22107 Black Pines, Cattails, Atlas Cedars, and Saplings Forum topic Black Pines Forum topic Cattails Forum topic Cedars Forum topic Saplings
r22124 Mature and dead Baobab trees
r22136 Baobab age variants, Bamboos, Banyans Forum topic Banyan trees Forum topic Bamboo
r22139 Mangroves Forum topic
r22141 Nipa palms, Doum palms Forum topic Nipa palms Forum topic Doum palms 1 Forum topic Doum palms 2
r22142 Palmyra palms Forum topic
r22146 Date palms Forum topc
r22150 Giant reeds, rocks, fruiting date palms, date palm variations
r22151 Berry bushes Forum topic
r22153 Mediterranean fan palms
r22168 Dead palms and some more stone cliff variation
r22390 Bananas and Strangler figs Forum topic Strangler figs
r22391 Areca Palms
r22392 Dragon Bamboo, Teak Forum topic Dragon bamboo Forum topic Teak
r22383 Rainforest Tree, Deciduous Tree, New temperate bushes, Oak trees, Fir trees, Birch trees, Maple tree, 21 new path decals and ground decoarations
r22384 7 new Temperate grass textures
r22376 Holly Oaks Forum topic


r21968 Red fox model and animationsForum topic
r22067 Pig animationsForum topic
r21948 Red deer textures, freckles
r22257 Cows, Bulls, Sanga cattle and variants, Maurya trader Forum topic
r22260 New horses (Breed, Marwari, Lusitano, Celtic)Forum topic


r22171 Quarry cuts


r22385 New snowflakes, clouds

2D Art

Portraits, Icons


r22126 Melee weapons face to the right, ranged weapons to the left (Phab:D1779)


r21950 Amanirenas (Kushites)Forum topic
r21956 Boudicca (Britons)Forum topic


r22043 Libraryforum topic


r22287 Boar, camel, horse, walrus, wildebeest
r22289 Deer


r21953 Kushite Background



r21965 Persian Farsi voicesForum topic


Skirmish Maps

r22386 Farmland, Oceanside, Temperate Roadway duel maps

Map Generation Library

r22481 Provide microsecond precision in the RandomMapLogger


r22346 Technologies can affect unit counters (Phab:D1782)
r22019 Support upgrading heroes in regicide mode (Phab:D1694)
r22165 Support upgrading wonders in wonder victory mode (Phab:D1732)
r22754 Attacks may now both capture and damage, or give status effects.


r22767 Modifiers can now easily be added by triggers (and other components).


r22192 Fix tribute requests

User Interface

GUI elements

r22164 Slider control improvement (Phab:D1622, #2593)


r22088 Acoustic notification when players join a hosted game (#4101, Phab:D932)
r21957 Gamesetup performance improvement (Phab:D1693)


r22226 Unit experience bar (Phab:D1460)
r22203 Field Diminishing-Returns Tooltip (#4669, Phab:D1803)
r22227 Update batch-training immediately when using the mouse-wheel (Phab:D1742)


r22039 Skybox position independent of camera location
r22607 Water reflections no longer have overly-bright tree leaves.


Performance improvements

r22279 Hierarchical pathfinder: only update dirty tiles
r22653 Hierarchical pathfinder: implement global regions for fast accessibility checks and goal reachability
r22817 Hierarchical pathfinder: optimise MakeGoalReachable and FindNearestPassableNavcell


r22253 VertexPathfinder class
r22278 Decouple long and hierarchical pathfinder

Atlas Map editor

r22117 Particle support (#1590, Phab:D1783)
r22238 Complete animation list
r22335 UTF8 support for map name / description (#4936, Phab:D1395)
r22397 "New", "Trigger" keyword support (#5445)
r22445 Adds an tool to pick water high by terrain click in Atlas. (Phab:D2037)


r22065 Celtic building names



r21949 Reduce roman barracks footprint


r21954 Increase deer speed (#5338)

Actor editing

r22442 Change formations to use animation variants instead of specific animations.

Template editing

r22197 Run speed as a relative multiplier (Phab:D438)
r22184 Projectile wrapper
r22379 Damage type wrapper
r22527 Make it easier to add damage types by no longer hardcoding them anywhere.
r21999 Donkey template
r22031 Domestic horse and camel template
r22083 Civ bonuses folder
r22116 Sort templates files (Defensive wall r22120, Fish r22115, Range/Barracks r22190, !Palisade r22202, Ballista/Ships r22204)
r22181 Cleanup template properties (Military r22181, !Stable r22322, ConquestCritical r22182, Treasure/Ruins Names, Actors r22256, Wall r22325)
r22754 Attacks may now both capture and damage, or give status effects. Capture data renamed from "Value" to "Capture"
r22769 Damage Bonus, garrisonHolder Ejectable and Attack preferred classes use MatchesClassList.
r22770 Rename Hellenistic Royal Stoa to simply Stoa.
r22824 Match Classes with Templates


r21955 Drop premake4 support (#3729, Phab:D1275)
r22021 premake5 alpha13, macOS Mojave fix (#3729)
r22303 Precompiled-headers build performance improvement (Phab:D1333)


r22443 Fix some gcc 8 and gcc 9 compiler warnings that were thrown 4500 times. (Phab:D2055, #5294)

Visual Studio

r22048 Fix VisualStudio 2015 test warnings (Phab:D1678)
r22161 Fix VisualStudio 2015 Atlas build warnings (Phab:D1741)
r21964 Fix build without precompiled headers on windows (Phab:D1361)

Platform-specific fixes

r22212 Fix TLS Segfault on macOS (Phab:D1772, #5386)
r22284 Fix crash on Slackware 14.2 (Phab:D1852)
r22308 Fix CentOS build by optionally prefering local libraries (Phab:D1747)

Continuous Integration

r22010 Licensing date check

Code Testing

r22027 Entity map test case (Phab:D1722)
r22205 Hierarchical pathfinder test (Phab:D1833)
r22143 CBoundingSphere tests (Phab:D1576)
r22096 Checkrefs script fixes (Phab:D1381)
r22296 UnitMotion test map (Phab:D1892)
r22298 Health test (Phab:D1828)
r22319 Camera frustum test (Phab:D1927)
r22340 Camera ortho-projection test (Phab:D1948)


r22211 boost 1.47 compatibility
r22406 win32 libogg 1.3.3, libvorbis to 1.3.6 (#5379)
r22455 Fixes GnuTLS build on macOS. (Phab:D2057)

Building Scripts

r22492 Cleans up build-osx-libs.sh whitespace. (#5486)
r22493 Fixes silent download errors in build-osx-libs.sh. (#5490).
r22494 Disables GnuTLS Native Language Support in build-osx-libs.sh (#5503)


r22052 Preparation for SpiderMonkey 45 upgrade (#4893)
r22627 Spidermonkey 45 upgrade

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