0 A.D. Alpha 23: Ken Wood

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Development started by ​Wildfire Games on July 29th 2017 (r19923).
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Tickets: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/query?status=closed&group=resolution&milestone=Alpha+23

An overview of all tickets handled is found at the respective milestone on trac.
To download and install the developmental release of 0 A.D., have a look at the build instructions.

The following list presents all changes noticeable to the enduser up to r20000 , more important ones first.
Many small bugfixes are not mentioned here.



r19948 Give Spartan elite spearmen heads. (#4686, D752) r19964 Give Scythian archers capture animations (#4711, D771)


r19956 Change CtR default to 2 r19967 Unsuccessfully bribed people get to keep your money (#4623)

Game Mechanics

r19950 Death damage (#1910, D451) r19969 Linear splash damage now uses the correct vector


r19955 Victory and defeat reasons (#4382, D762) r19957 Rally point lines now in player color (#4618) r19965 Update the color of the selection ring, rallypoints and territory outline when the playercolor is changed in Atlas (#4643) r19966 Build time tooltip now with more correct values r19970 Resource total now on the left in the summary scren r19980 Allow users to interact with the GUI while cinematics are playing r19987 Fix the attack cursor for entites in the FoW



r19935 Fix metal mines in latium r19972 Stop spawning attackers on wiped out sides in Danubius (#4715) r19974 Attackers now use secondary gates on Danubius) r19998 Fix tuturial being stuck (#4696, #4697)


r19951 (and a few more later) Allow the AI to load custom templates (follow-up to #2951) (D693) r19952 Allow using {civ} in builder lists when some civs don't have those templates without errors (D707)

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