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Development started by Wildfire Games on 27/08/2021 (r25861).
Feature Freeze: 27/02/2022
String Freeze: DD/MM/YYYY
Translation Freeze: DD/MM/YYYY
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The following list presents all changes noticeable to the end user up to r25861.
Many small bugfixes, typo fixes and code cleanups are not mentioned here.
See also Port A25 to A26



r25939 Select formations as a whole by default (Phab:D2175, Phab:D4295, Phab:D4360).
r25958 Allow to push items to the front of a production queue (Phab:D4241).


r25940 Add small regeneration to fruit and fish (Phab:D3868).
r26110 Standardize animal loot experience (Phab:D3681).


r25868 Allow players to drop resources and attack move with a single button ("call to arms") (Phab:D4149).
r25869 Allow matches to start with cartography researched (Phab:D4191).
r25882 Show the number of idle workers in the idle workers button (Phab:D4217).
r25893 Move camera to holder when moving to grouped units (Phab:D4242).
r25978 Add a button to skip the summary when quitting a session (Phab:D3958).
r26005 Fix special characters in the replay path (Phab:D4345).
r26088 When overwriting a saved game the description is inherited from the old save (Phab:D4372).


Networking code

RL Interface





r25894 Add quadratic scaling function in rmgen library and use it for decorations. r26003 Fix fish on land (Phab:D1729).


r25941 Fix negative number of gatherers in the top panel when converting (capturing, wololo) gatherers (Phab:D4274).
r25946 Fix infinite loop when a treasure is outside of LOS but within 64 m (Phab:D4286).
r25947 Don't stop gathering/attacking after autocontinue in a formation (Phab:D4282).
r25949 Fix formations turning on selecting a different one (Phab:D4272).
r25972 Fix AI attack some bridges (Phab:D4297).
r26000 Fix the autoQueue changing when entities cannot spawn (Phab:D4333).
r26000 Fix resources being subtracted when the entity limit was reached (Phab:D4333).

Engine work

r25890 Improve model loading times slightly



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