0 A.D. Alpha 26: Zhuangzi

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Development started by Wildfire Games on 27/08/2021 (r25861).
Feature Freeze: 06/03/2022
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Translation Freeze: DD/MM/YYYY
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The following list presents all changes noticeable to the end user up to r26873.
Many small bugfixes, typo fixes and code cleanups are not mentioned here.
See also Port A25 to A26


r26423 Fix some maps issues. Add the new maps to the new map campaign.


r25939 Select formations as a whole by default (Phab:D2175, Phab:D4295, Phab:D4360).
r25953 Add accelerations in unit movement (Phab:D4288).
r25958 Allow to push items to the front of a production queue (Phab:D4241).
r26073 Use the attack sound for attack-move.
r26414 -- r26421 Added the Han Chinese.
r26520 smoother formation manouvres
r26675 Make the olive tree a source of wood, as it is hard to see that it is a food supply
r26698 [art] only use the blossoming variant of the apple tree as a fruit tree to make it more distinct.


r25940 Add small regeneration to fruit and fish (Phab:D3868).
r26110 Standardize animal loot experience (Phab:D3681).
r26304 [Gameplay-a26] Increase workshop garrison limit to 5
r26442 [gameplay-a26] move some trainable animals to higher phases
r26474 [gameplay-a26] Do not stack fire damage
r26555 [gameplay] Reduce pikemen pierce armor by 2
r26587 [A26 Gameplay] Tweak the formation turning threshold
r26622 Adjusted walking speed and animation speed for a number of animals
r26627 [gameplay] Macedonian bonus - Instant storehouse technology research time.
r26641 [gameplay] Adjust Kushite Pyramids to be more used
r26659 Increase the acceleration (Phab:D4512).
r26660 Remove tower and fortress limits (Phab:D3778).
r26667 Nerf fire cav (Phab:D4516).
r26678 [gameplay] Increase the cost of mercenary cavalry from 80 to 90 metal.
r26694 Adjust animal stances.
r26703 Make catapult/stonethrower more useful (Phab:D4511).
r26753 [Gameplay] Ships less pierce attack, but can destroy other ships because of a multiplier r26754 Rework the Ipicratean Reform (Phab:D4537).
r26844 [Gameplay] Buff spear cavalry


r25863 Fix wrong number in tooltip for phase requirements
r25866 Do not require restart when chaning Background pause option
r25868 Allow players to drop resources and attack move with a single button ("call to arms") (Phab:D4149).
r25869 Allow matches to start with cartography researched (Phab:D4191).
r25872 Give all tabs hotkeyTooltips
r25873 Lobby player search input
r25877 Enlarge "Watch Replay" button in summary screen for long translations
r25879 Actually implement the hotkey for the Call to Arms feature (Phab:D4243).
r25880 Update message for not supported commands
r25882 Show the number of idle workers in the idle workers button (Phab:D4217).
r25889 Update map size in description panel.
r25893 Move camera to holder when moving to grouped units (Phab:D4242).
r25922 Increase the spacing in the top panel and synchronize the colour in the tooltip for gatherers.
r25925 Explanatory note about later mods overwriting earlier installed mods (Phab:D4252)
r25951 Use only the Diplomacy Color of non-defeated players.
r25966 Add gui scale to options (Phab:D3037)
r25976 Some layout changes to the replay menu.
r25978 Add a button to skip the summary when quitting a session (Phab:D3958).
r25984 Ceil the required XP in the GUI.
r25995 Show the correct message when exiting the multiplayer match as a client
r26005 Fix special characters in the replay path (Phab:D4345).
r26019 Adds disabled sprites to slider
r26088 When overwriting a saved game the description is inherited from the old save (Phab:D4372).
r26130 Add a more detailed description to the showstatusbar hotkey.
r26236 Don't show decimal points for insufficient resource warnings (Phab:D4332).
r26300 Display rank action in tooltip
r26326, r26341 Show civic-specific banners for formations (Phab:D4467).
r26327 Allow to select multiple non-owned entities when the ControlAll-cheat is on (Phab:D4477).
r26319 Restore the tooltip style for the Civ Overview page.
r26328 Allow cheats to convert units to arbitrary players (Phab:D4479).
r26382 Display resigned before won (Phab:D4478).
r26493 Draws entities on minimap via triangles instead of points.
r26592 Adds icons to minimap
r26602 [art] Improve the look of the loading screen parchment. From a cc0 source.
r26657 Warn players when passing a non-numeric parameter to a numeric cheat (Phab:D4485).
r26658 Don't show siege as capturable in the summary (Phab:D4538).
r26665 Make configurable mouse edge distance for view scroll.
r26702 Use the Introductory Tutorial as tutorial (Phab:D4194).
r26843 Allow to modify pixel distance when mouse input is detected as drag e.g. for selection box.


Networking code

RL Interface


r25870 Reset the dust color at red sea and egypt 3v3 maps
r25918 Improve desert_small's texture look using the new textures. Rename them to match the conventions
r26001 Slightly improves minimap flares, makes animation more smooth via alpha fade in/out.
r26017 Draws fancy water and its shore waves only for GLSL shaders.
r26037 Update: Celtic Unit Actor File
r26086 Update Athenian Scythian archer champion unit textures
r26255 Assign newer textures to Macedonian Champion Crossbowman.
r26256 Gallic unit texture variant reduction
r26258 Improve Persian Cavalry back lamellar/scale prop
r26262 Added actor files for the Ptolemaic Skirmisher Cavalry (Mercenary Tarantine Settler)
r26267 [Art] Make Palisades all use the same portrait.
r26279 Add garrison flags and projectile prop points to spart houses.
r26291 Improved Portraits: Adds consistent backgrounds, colors, lighting, and better camera orientations (less apparent foreshortening).
r26322 Improve the look of the 3 Roman heroes.
r26351, r26353, r26354 More Standard textures.
r26356 Athenian actor updates.
r26362 Spartan unit actors improved.
r26364 Carthaginian texture changes, deletions, additions.
r26375 Prop and Actor improvements.
r26377 Scythian textures by Wackyserious.
r26383 Add horse actors for each color type so that they are more easily visualized for designers.
r26389 Add ambient occlusion to the Mauryan Palace structure.
r26390 Improved Iberian structure textures. May improve it further at some point.
r26391 Update celt tunic details
r26397 New Macedonian wonder. Based on a model by m7600.
r26434 Warm up the Ptolemies struct texture a little bit.
r26435 Give arrow-firing buildings a slightly larger, easier to see projectile.
r26440 Fix visible fps overlay in tips screenshots and red border on water.
r26441 Fix the red border on map flare tip
r26445 A more explicit town bell icon.
r26446 A more "historical" victory icon: a laurel wreath.
r26447 Slightly improve the seagull model, shorter wings, new gliding animation…
r26448 Improved cursors.
r26450 Add a murder of crows to the game.
r26453 Balanced colorful tone for the Gauls (Work in progress)
r26454 Improved/more accurate Han unit portraits.
r26456 Make the red fox texture a little more red.
r26463 Reduce crow texture size to match that of the seagull.
r26467 New "Yakchal" Ice House for Persians. Just an Atlas object for now.
r26468 Revert default cursor. A couple people didn't like the new one.
r26469 Han Chinese civilization restructure.
r26470 Use the new technology portraits.
r26473 Some geology additions and improvements.
r26483 [Art] New trees, bushes, and rocks.
r26466 New and updated UI portaits (mostly technologies)
r26489 Large round shield (no boss) mesh + complimentary variants to the new Gaul noble tunic
r26491 Fix shadow glitch on Maurya market on lowest setting.
r26499, r26500 Numidian head fix (eye color and skin tone)
r26508 New f_armor_dress.dae mesh by @Stan with a better UV map
r26549 2 new skyboxes; 1 updated "Desert", "Sunrise", and "Stratus_2" skyboxes from cc0 sources.
r26553 A dozen new technology portraits.
r26560 [art] Add a Bronze Quadriga to the top of the Roman Triumphal Arch
r26561 [art] Add specular to the Mausoleum statues
r26562 [art] Move the prop points for the Roman tents to fit the newer Roman Scutum models.
r26563 [art] Use newer shield models for the sides of the Roman warships
r26564 [art] Darken the sand decals slightly.
r26566 [art cleanup] Remove 190 unused shield textures and actors
r26570 [art] Better decals for some building actors; added 2 new "tents" for Atlas.
r26571 [art] Seven new technology portraits.
r26576 Texture update for polar sea
r26580 [art] New portraits of Han Xin and Cleopatra. First art commit from user kul. Congrats!
r26595 [art] Allow the Spartan Syssition model to use Spartan hoplite shields instead of the ugly low res bronze disks used previously.
r26597 [art] Improve the Ptolemy merc cav actors.
r26600 [Minimap] Finish off the minimap feature with the rest of the icons
r26602 Improve the look of the loading screen parchment
r26680 [art Alpha 26] Update the footprint sizes and selectable shapes for mechanical units (Siege and Ships)
r26706 [art] A longer spear for the Persian champion cavalry.
r26707 [art] Make is so these Lithobolos operator actors don't share the same helmet types.
r26708 [art][actors][Spartans] Fix and enhance some Spartan actors. Add some Helot actors for fun.
r26714 [ART][TEXTURES][UI] Reduce resolution of these 20 technology portraits to a consistent 128^2. Save a little bit of space.
r26719 [art] Fix the front-back position of the Carth camel trader prop and now use it.
r26764 [ art ][ actors ][ Alpha 26 ] A large actor visual update (mainly buildings)
r26765 [art] [Alpha 26] Improve and standardize the portraits for Ruins and Rocks. Delete a now-unused portrait.
r26767 [ art ][ particles ] Slow down the snow fall for aesthetics.
r26786 [art][icons][Fix] Fix some new aura icons, renamed/modified some too. Added them to some auras. Added some old icons to other auras.
r26787 [art][fix][actors][Alpha 26] Fix the projectiles for a handful of siege engines.
r26795 [art][model][decals] Fix the Spartan Forge by recentering the model, also create a new decal for it from the existing texture. Tweak the other Spartan decals while I'm at it.
r26796 [art][actors][Alpha 26] Remove a superfluous decal from these Arsenal actors. The game would display this decal inconsistently with the other decal, so I picked one over the other.
r26685 [art] switch the berries on savanan biome
r26686 [art] replace fig tree by the better visible date palm (or by berries)
r26807 [art][Alpha 26] Give an easier-to-see projectile to the Siege Tower
r26820 [art][textures] Add some player color to the Arabic robes.


r26573 Add 24 new music tracks.
r26746 [music] Rename music tracks to convention.


r26244 Fix AI counting exhausted resources in its dropsite list
r26274 Run the AI in the same Compartment as the simulation. Let the AI access Sim data (Phab:D3769).


r26111 Add "Invalid signature" reason to modio
r26177 Modify 0ad.desktop to accept a file as an argument to allow installing mods by drag & drop on the icon.
r26873 Allow setting the passability class depending on formation members (Phab:D4605).


r25894 Add quadratic scaling function in rmgen library and use it for decorations.
r26003 Fix fish on land (Phab:D1729).
r26277 Bring Walruss and Muskox back to the arctic biome.
r26421 Add Han Chinese Maps
r26423 Fix some maps issues. Add the new maps to the new map campaign.
r26437 Fix landscape settings for unknown map
r26575 Texture update/ general overhaul for Gulf of Bothnia and its biomes
r26577 Fix unpassable and unnatural forests on African Plains
r26625 Slighty offset the stone mine on the tutorial map to prevent overlap.
r26643 Fix arctic biome bushes spawning too close to the CC.
r26728 [Maps] Only use actors in the decoratives of the random biomes
r26729 [maps] Improve forests on savanna and nubia biomes
r26747 [maps] Revamp Acropolis Bay skirmish map.
r26748 [maps] Improve Saharan Oases skirmish map.
r26768 [ maps ] Fix the absence of stone mines on Cisalpine Winter.
r26770 [maps] Improve Median Oasis 2p with new terrain textures and new flora/geology.
r26790 [maps] Add a couple of improved maps to the new maps campaign.
r26818, r26819 [maps][Alpha 26] Improve the terrain of Corinthian Isthmus (2), its preview map, and other small improvements
r26838 Reduce fog on cisalpine winter map and artic biome (Phab:D4596).


r25912 Fix renaming fields losing the ability to be gathered.
r25926 Fix duplicate insertion error when detecting incompatible mods.
r25927 Fix black buttons as observer on a GAIA market.
r25941 Fix negative number of gatherers in the top panel when converting (capturing, wololo) gatherers (Phab:D4274).
r25946 Fix infinite loop when a treasure is outside of LOS but within 64 m (Phab:D4286).
r25947 Don't stop gathering/attacking after autocontinue in a formation (Phab:D4282).
r25949 Fix formations turning on selecting a different one (Phab:D4272).
r25972 Fix AI attack some bridges (Phab:D4297).
r26000 Fix the autoQueue changing when entities cannot spawn (Phab:D4333).
r26000 Fix resources being subtracted when the entity limit was reached (Phab:D4333).
r26044 Fix infinite loop when queuing a gather order after garrison.
r26234 Fix the Macedonian catafalque not showing their metal trickle (Phab:D4383).
r26246 Fix anim sync by using another horse
r26290 Disables depth test for minimap
r26438 Fix not selectable civilisations not showing if defined by the map
r26449 Fix the obstruction and footprint of this treasure.
r26618 Fix stances of healers.
r26619 Fix entities being able to drop off resources whilst obstructed (Phab:D4531).
r26739 Fix pop indication of paused items.
r26741 Fix attack-walk with formations.

Engine work

r25890 Improve model loading times slightly
r25897 Make translation pulling parallel to reduce update time.
r25993 Move MiniMap texture to a separate framebuffer
r26011 Reduces number of allocations during GPU profiler processing for Intel queries.
r26020 Removes direct access to shaders, leaves only techniques.
r26037 Adds FreeType support to the engine
r26140 Use the high performance GPU on Windows by default.
r26475 Fix building spidermonkey on systems with python 3.10


r26066 Set default big screenshot size to 4K
r26148 Adds config settings for borderless fullscreen and window modes.
r26207 Allow to cap FPS up to the current max refresh rates of gaming screens: 360Hz


r25865 [scripts]Update translation checks to check pluralised strings
r25916 Fix translation of "%(unit)s can't be controlled'
r26096 Fix special string used in singular for english
r26422 Allow more general contexts in json translatable strings


r26142 Speedups terrain painting tab in Atlas by asynchronous texture loading.
r26700 [Atlas] [Maps] Update the Default map in Atlas
r26711 [art][Atlas][Alpha 26] Improve some Atlas structures.
r26727 Update the water height slider if the water height is set using the picker.
r26730 Remove hardcoded shadows in Atlas UI
r26744 [maps][Atlas] Fix Kushite sandbox map. Refs #6488
r26745 [maps][Atlas] Update Britons sandbox map. Refs #6488

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